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Attention Meaningful Use Coordinators! 

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Why Do I Need More Tools?

Meaningful Use has Matured.  You already have an EHR, and might even be reporting Stage 2 for some of your physician staff.  But the implementation consultants are gone, and now you have an annual or quarterly workload in figuring out who can attest, doing the attestation, organizing the proof, and tracking payments. 

Some facilities try to build databases to track all their Meaningful Use history, but honestly ... finding developer time for compliance administration is not a good use of scarce resources! 

Meaningful Use Monitor contains all that you could envision in a MU Compliance tool. In fact, with our thousands of physicians, and dozens of hospitals, we regularly add features requested by busy Meaningful Use Coordinators, Quality Managers and Internal Audit Staff.  Integration with multiple EHR's?  We've got it.  Quality Reporting tool interface?  Done.  Analysis of readiness? Fully automated - MUM does this in batches so you don't have to do it one physician at a time.  How about automating the attestation process?  We're already there.

In every subscription:
1. Compliance Database
2. Mock Audit
3. MU Guru Concierge Service

ROI on Compliance Software:  

Organizing Physician Data saves hundreds of hours in managing the mountains of compliance data across your physician population

Want to see clearly just how much your job is worth?  

MUM shows your value in clear and convincing terms.  

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MUM helps thousands of physicians in large groups:

  • Attest hundreds of Providers at a time in just a few minutes
  • Perpetually automate complex Financial projections 
  • Query CMS public data 
  • Clearly organize diverse compliance information 
  • Manage turnover for physician and administrative staff 

MUM integrates Multiple Concurrent EHRs effortlessly
Required for 2016 - and a Task your EHR cannot do!