MACRA Monitor  Makes Money    

We automate detail operational budgeting to recommend specific configuration of your  EHR, CQM and CPIA data assignments.  When our database integrates your systems with CMS systems and data, the net result is that you increase control over every penny of your Medicare reimbursement and drive your organization in the right direction.


Simple decisions can result in dramatic financial differences.  You need database tools to optimize the analyses and integrate with new CMS APIs - spreadsheets lack the horsepower

Make a big difference to your organization.  Let   MACRA Monitor improve your MIPS Composite Scores! 

MACRA Software has a Big Job.  Organize.  Optimize.  Strategize. 

When you consider the  range of financial outcomes and complicated entity types ... 

... Is this  really a job for spreadsheets?   Or your EHR?  Or even your QCDR? 

CMS encourages new Health IT Systems vendors to support MIPS, and we are first out of the gate.  Your physician population will probably fall into multiple MIPS Categories, each with their own rules.  We fulfill CMS requirements for data submission,  and add complex score keeping and EC model tracking, compensating for capabilities missing in EHR software, and integrating with  MACRA API's.  Even top-notch EHR vendors like Epic, Cerner, Greenway or eClinical Works fall short in automating all that a MIPS Manager might need.  Take a look at our Prototype  for a self-guided walk-through.  Or jump  right in and arrange a personal discussion.  It is well worth-while.