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Our MIPS Monitor Makes Money    

We automate detail operational budgeting to recommend specific configuration of your  EHR, CQM and CPIA data assignments.  When our database integrates your systems with CMS systems and data, the net result is that you increase control over every penny of your Medicare reimbursement and drive your organization in the right direction.  Since your  financial results under MIPS can range from -4% to +14%, just imagine what a difference a few points can make when we  help you improve your MIPS Composite Scores! 

  You may even begin to challenge your ACO Strategy.  (Ask us why) 

MIPS is important, but you don't have to do anything until 2017, right?  

An out-of-this-world Offer for new Customers! 

Take 30 minutes to critique of our prototype, share your vision , and you will qualify for a significant discount on your first year MIPS Monitor Subscription.  As a bonus, you  can also automate your 2016 Meaningful Use Attestations.  A Subscription will be quicker and less costly than building your own spreadsheet tools, and will automatically grow new capabilities over the lifetime of the MIPS Program.  

Actually, there are things you can do now that will allow you to dramatically increase how much money you get back from CMS later. The key lies in making decisions on what to submit, how to submit it, and when. Your options and their correlating financial implications can be identified quickly, allowing you to align what you do in 2017 with your best financial results under MIPS. Interested in learning more? The next steps are easy: click here to request a meeting, or just give us a call at (414) 640-2187.