Each week, we will provide free, in-depth MACRA scoring and financial projections for up to three provider groups.  Contact us to get on the schedule for powerful insights into your own MACRA future. 

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Make a big difference to your organization.  Let   MACRA Monitor manage MIPS  Scores! 

When you consider the  range of financial outcomes and complicated entity types ... ... Is this  really a job for spreadsheets?   Or your EHR?  Or even your QCDR?  

Your physician population will probably fall into multiple MIPS Categories, each with their own score keeping rules around ACI, CPIA and Quality Measures.  We integrate with  MACRA API's in ways spreadsheets cannot to organize providers into MACRA reporting entities, and automate the selection of measures that generate the most cash for each provider.  Even top-notch EHR vendors like Epic, Cerner, Greenway or eClinical Works fall short in automating all that a MIPS Manager might need.  Why not jump  right in and arrange a short personal discussion?  It is well worth-while. 

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