Important Note:

To use CMS Direct Submission, you need software on your end.  

Your EHR  or Registry does not provide  all of it.   

We  Do.

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CMS Submission API Gives you Time

MUM already helps thousands of physicians:


  • Submit thousands of providers in a single day
  • Automate the process of getting ready to Attest 
  • Determine and document Exclusions using Mass Entry
  • Concierge-level assistance to keep you moving fast 

Submitting ACI is Complicated

But we will get you done in just a day or two, with very little effort on your part.


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Meaningful Use Batch Attestation Video 

What is MIPS Submission?

Don't rely on "new comers"!  We have automated submitting Meaningful Use (ACI) data to CMS since 2014  for thousands of physicians.  We are the experts.  Integration with CMS has never been easier and goes well beyond simple Registry activity.